Together, we can give a smile to help a child heal.

We will inspire joyful experiences in children facing illness, injury, misfortune or abuse. Your support is how we make it happen.

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The Initiative

Billo Box is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to alleviate the feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression that can occur in children facing long-term hospital stays by providing personalized care boxes to those with chronic or critical illness.

From our research, we know that playtime is critical to healing, and we want to give these deserving children the opportunity to experience childhood even from the confines of a hospital bed. We do this with our three pillar system designed specifically make the greatest impact, and to bring the biggest smiles to every hospital room we have the honor of visiting.

Inspire Joy

Just for fun, these items are just what each child wants, meeting their needs and bringing a smile- a positive outlet to reduce anxiety in a strange situation.

Promote Engagement

These items are meant to challenge, meant to play with friends and family, or even meant to incite curiosity or inspire creativity!

Provide Comfort

Sometimes, chronic illness keeps you awake. Sometimes, it hurts. Sometimes, you just need something to cuddle- and each box has one.

The Need

Children with chronic conditions are up to 2.8 times as likely to develop psychiatric disorders as their healthy peers, and mental trauma is well documented to lengthen or worsen the symptoms of chronic illness.

How we help

We create unique, individualized care boxes for children facing chronic illness to provide a sense of love, encourage healthy play and promote mental engagement.

Toys may seem like a small donation, but they often have a lasting impact. Children can remember getting a toy years later, but the act of normal play and the relief it provides from the sometimes grueling treatment protocols can restore a child’s will to fight the disease.

– Michigan State University Pediatric Hematology Oncology Team, 2017

Join Us

We want to help as many children as possible, and to do that, we need Partners, Volunteers, and Donors. Please reach out to us with your interest, and Thank You! Billo Box relies on our supporters, and we couldn’t do it without you.

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